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The Technology Perspective.

How many systems are you using today to operate, manage and monitor your TV and entertainment platform?

You need a flexible platform that allows you to manage the product efficiently.

→ manage live and non-live
→ ingest and manage VOD
→ manage product levels
→ change content and UX

→ manage DRM levels
→ monitor KPIs End-To-End

If these tasks are complex and require work across several proprietary systems, you have a hard time living up to expectations from product and management teams. 

While the shortcomings of the TV platform are not your fault, you have a hard time explaining why. 

The solution is not in outsourcing.

The key is to make better use of existing assets and knowledge. This is why we have built Green Streams as a 100% pro-integration SaaS platform. It integrates easily with key components managed by the operator such as the video headend, video backend or CDN and then makes every aspect of the product and the platform manageable from just one operator console.
"The step forward that we made with Green Streams is huge. We were able to replace half a dozen legacy middleware systems and streamline our operations much more. At the same time, Green Streams brought in the latest technology stacks and did a great job of integrating with our existing components."

Joosep Põllumäe,
Head of System Development, Elisa Estonia

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