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Manage your product logic and your UX/UI
in one place.

Are you forced to use a complex set of systems and tools to manage and monitor your TV platform?

The Green Streams SaaS Cockpit is one powerful tool to manage business logic, products, content and analytics in one place.

The systems landscape is often extremely complex.

For many operators, adding a channel to the line-up takes hours. Adding VOD providers takes days. Introducing new product levels takes weeks or months. This applies as well to changes to the user interface. In many cases, these UI changes even require additional application development 

Instead: One console to manage all product aspects. 

The Green Streams SaaS console will create massive value right out of the gate. We provide operators with the ability to instantly add and manage their channels, line-ups and VOD libraries, as well as flexibly managing the UX of the frontend applications. Release fee. 

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Get full flexibility and with live analytics on top.

The Green Streams platform not only reduces complexity and time-to-market it makes expensive, legacy software systems obsolete. It also allows the operator to fully customise their monitoring and analytics KPIs, dashboards and alarms from the exact same management console.

We give the operator one management console “to rule them all”.

Operators can even define and customise the entire UI/UX being presented to their TV customers via their frontend applications, including the ability to add, re-order and populate content discovery sections and rows with both platform and third party content recommendations.  
“Green Streams has been a great partner for our new premium OTT service from day one. In our vendor selection, we focused on getting access to the latest technologies as well as 360 degree monitoring of the platform and Green Streams has delivered just that."

Matthias Krieb, Head of MySports


Visit us at CommunicAsia

Singapore Expo, May 29th - 31st
Stand 413-3
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