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A modular approach
to an End-To-End platform and product.

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Green Streams provides a modular, pro-integration streaming SaaS platform.
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The Core

All modules are integrated and connected via the
Green Streams SaaS CORE. The deployment can be on-premise, in any public cloud as well as in hybrid setups. 

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The Console

All aspects of the the product are controlled
and managed via the Green Streams Console: Product Logic, Business Logic, Content and UX.

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The CMS allows operators to manage their content easily: Linear TV, Catch-up, Network PVR, TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, FAST as well as premium 3rd party VOD content integrations. 

The Applications

Green Streams provides a full suite of applications that are deeply integrated with the SaaS platform to fully leverage the "backend for frontend" approach. For own or 3rd party application development, an API layer is provided. 

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The Meta Aggregation

The Green Streams platform fully supports the seamless integration and management of 3rd party VOD providers. This allows operators to become the "Home of Entertainment" for their subscribers. 

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The Multibrand

Many operators work across several markets or have introduced additional brands e.g. for premium sports content. The Green Streams platform supports an efficient multi-brand and multi-country deployment with one central SaaS platform. 


The Personalisation

The Green Streams platform supports a broad set of automated, rule based and AI powered recommendation and personalization options. For sophisticated use cases, the platform is integrated with XRoadMedia's market leading personalization engine. 

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The Video Pipeline

Green Streams is a pro-integration platform. We have integrated with a broad range of headend and video pipeline vendors for operators. This gives operators the flexibility to leverage previous investment wherever required. 


The Analytics

Operators need advanced visibility of platform performance, user behavior, content efficiency and app navigation in real-time to support data-driven decisions. We provide these analytics and insights via a deep integration with the video intelligence specialists from NPAW. 

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