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Our Beliefs.

We believe that in increasingly competitive markets, operators have to become meta-aggregators and meta-bundlers of content.

This will allow them to win and retain highly profitable TV and bundle subscribers.

Operators have to go way beyond offering a TV service with linear local, national and international channels and the full set of non-linear
TV use cases.


Users want and expect more. They expect the operators to provide them with broader entertainment options and integrations. This starts with integrating national and international VOD libraries from SVOD to TVOD and AVOD. FAST channels play an increasingly important role as well.


And on top of that comes the integration of premium 3rd party VOD services. This meta-aggregation of course needs to be complemented and supported by sophisticated and highly personalized content discovery across all content types and devices.


We built our SaaS platform to provide operators with the technology and the tools to achieve this goal and to monetize their TV & entertainment services effectively.

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