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The Product 

As a product manager for TV & Entertainment at an operator, you want to make your product work both for the end customers and for you.

You need the product to help you achieve your goals & KPIs.

→ launch new products
→ roll out new features
→ win new customers
→ reduce churn

→ improve ARPU
→ increase NPS

Whatever it is, most TV & Entertainment products and platforms are not made to support these goals.

Instead, any change and any new feature is a struggle that consumes far too much time and budget. As a result, you are fighting with falling NPS and you are supposed to get it up again.

This can be changed for the better.

 Green Streams platform gives product teams full flexibility and control for every single aspect of the product in just one place - a SaaS management console that even provides fully customizable live analytics and dashboards.
"As a product manager, I have always wanted to have a flexible platform with tools to make the TV product work both for the end users and for the company. With the Green Streams platform, this is now the case."

Otto Riisenberg,
Product Development Manager, Elisa Estonia

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