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The Management Perspective.

Internet Service providers are facing huge business and profitability challenges these days.

The TV & Entertainment product can be a key differentiator and driver for success. 

To succeed in the market, operators need a highly flexible TV & Entertainment platform that truly supports management in achieving
ambitious business goals.

→ win and retain new customers
→ reduce acquisition cost
→ increase NPS
→ grow ARPU

→ grow CLV
→ drive margins

Unfortunately, most operators don’t have a TV & Entertainment platform that supports these business goals.

Despite heavy investments, many operators are still struggling to keep up with ever faster development cycles, and growing customer expectations.

The solution lies in enhancing existing assets with a SaaS platform that extracts their full value.

Green Streams does this by integrating a highly productized SaaS platform with existing components.

This gives operators the ability to leverage previous investments and existing expertise to get ahead of the curve. 

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