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The Green Streams platform is specifically built to launch operator TV products faster and with a maximum degree of flexibility. 

And we listen to operators to make sure we are on target. Download our “Industry Report” and our latest Whitepaper.

Unlocking the power of OTT for operators worldwide.

The TV and entertainment industry is undergoing a massive shift, and OTT is at the
forefront of this transformation. For operators, the ability to provide a state-of-the-art,
flexible, and differentiated TV and entertainment product is essential for attracting and
retaining customers in a highly competitive market.


We provide operators with the tools, expertise and support they need to succeed in
this new landscape. Our SaaS platform is designed to help operators stay ahead of the
curve with advanced features like AI-powered personalisation, real-time analytics and
monitoring, and the ability to integrate with best-of-breed vendors and partners.

Network Operator TV & Entertainment Report

The strategic importance of strong TV & Entertainment products for network operators and their continued success is extremely high. At the same time, the satisfaction of senior managers and top level executives with existing IPTV & OTT platforms is extremely low. Find out about the “why” and about key trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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