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Our Origin.

For more than 15 years, Green Streams founders Ivo Stock and Gernot Jaeger have been drivers of strategic, technical and product innovation in the media and telecommunications industry.

Ivo has been the architect and technological catalyst behind numerous prominent European streaming platforms, serving millions of end users. Gernot was a TV journalist and a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in their telco practice. He went on to launch and build a multimillion-dollar TV platform business in the telco space as an intrapreneur and became an advisor to international SaaS start-up founders.


Ivo and Gernot were among the first to notice that traditional TV & Entertainment platform strategies increasingly failed. On one hand, more and more traditional integration projects vastly exceeded go to market timelines and budgets. On the other hand, established One-Size-Fits-All White Label TV products failed to deliver the flexibility and innovation that operators needed to compete within their markets.


United in their goal to deliver real change for operators. Ivo and Gernot joined forces to launch their company Green Streams. Together, they embarked on a journey to defy traditional knowledge by combining the “uncombinable”: A fully productised SaaS streaming platform that is 100% designed to integrate seamlessly with components already in place at the operator.


The response from the industry was overwhelming. Green Streams quickly raised funding from prestigious investors and won top-tier operators as lead customers.


Green Streams went on to build a fast growing business with an experienced team that is spread across six countries on three continents.


With the increasing streaming disruption of traditional TV distribution, Green Streams is poised to shape the future of operator Entertainment products on a global scale.

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