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Transform your Cable-TV product and enable it with OTT features.

Are you a cable operator and need to protect your customer base for the future?

We provide with a hybrid DVB/IP product and we help you build the “landing platform” to take your business step by step to an IP future.

Traditional TV distribution is being disrupted.

Cable TV and Multicast IPTV is still at the center of profitable TV & Entertainment products that operators sell standalone and in bundles. Yet, the disruption of broadcast technologies has begun and operators need to enhance their products by adding non-linear use cases, VOD and other OTT features to live up to the expectations of their customers. 

Streaming giants have set the bar high.

Never in history have there been such high customer expectations and such short innovation cycles. New devices, new streaming formats, new features and new security levels come up every few months. And your customers compare your TV service to the standards set by global OTT powerhouses like Netflix and Amazon.

Hybrid products build a bridge into the future.

An operator can’t just jump from cable TV to OTT - this would put their business model and their profitability in jeopardy. Instead, they need a bridge to the OTT world and a hybrid model that allows them to gradually move their business from cable TV to a fully fledged IP based operator TV & Entertainment service. 

We help operators launch hybrid products and manage the unavoidable transition towards IP and streaming successfully. 

This allows a step-by-step transition and it enables operators to still leverage the efficiency of DVB-C or Multicast IP distribution while preparing their networks and their business for the age of streaming.
As a cable operator, you need to transform your product strategy and your actual products. The future clearly lies in IP based products and distribution models. This is why it is key to have a platform partner who looks ahead and who enables you to take your cable business to the future."

Joosep Põllumäe, Head of System Development, Elisa Estonia


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