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Win, engage and keep TV and bundle customers.

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Are you struggling to win and customers and keep them engaged with your product?

Boost the attractiveness of your products and increase customer engagement.

The TV platform as a business tool.

Winning and keeping new customers for TV & Entertainment products is extremely hard., The platform behind these services needs to support the operator as much as possible in achieving their business goals - the platform itself needs to be a business tool. 

What wins customers, retains them.

For us, fully dynamic user interfaces, content aggregation and content personalisation are not just buzz words - they are the tools that enables the  operator to fuel their new customer acquisition and crucially, to keep customers engaged with the product. 

We go the extra mile.

At Green Streams, we have integrated our SaaS platform deeply with the Ncanto solution provided by XroadMedia, a leading provider of personalization and content discovery. This allows operators to efficiently win, engage, retain and ultimately monetize customers efficiently.

We make sure customers stay engaged and thus bring churn rates down.

To give users a truly relevant experience across all of their devices and all of your content, you need to personalize content by location, language or any other business data.

This is what you can do with us. 
"In a competitive environment, it’s imperative to roll out quickly, to reduce costs and to stay ahead of the market. By automatically generating individual rows matching each user’s behaviour and profiles, they can effortlessly discover more of the content they love. Green Streams is serious about driving user engagement and effectively reducing customer churn for the operator. We are very happy to be integrated with their truly state-of-the-art SaaS platform"

Tom Dvorak, CCO XRoadMedia


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