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Leverage your existing technology and team expertise.

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Do you want to leverage existing components and expertise instead of paying double?  

We are 100% pro-integration. 

We help you leverage and enhance your technology and your knowledge.

Many operators have
strong assets in place.

Headend technology, transcoding servers and licenses as well as CDN hardware and software are key assets that operators invested a lot of money into. On top of that they have highly experienced teams in place with valuable knowledge and expertise. 

However, legacy software systems slows them down.

However, many teams struggling to keep up with the growing complexity in the age of streaming and OTT. The problem is usually not a lack of expertise. And the solution usually is not an “End-To-End TV-As-A-Service” type of product that seeks to replace both the TV related components and teams on the side of the operator. 

100% outsourcing is rarely
the best option.

Instead, we believe that the existing components and teams should be enabled to perform at the top level of their potential. This is why we integrate our business logic and content management SaaS platform with the headend, video-pipeline, storage, CDN and other key systems alredy in place. The results show quickly - in the product as well as in the P&L.

We believe in enhancing existing systems to increase the ROI on existing investments.

We built our SaaS platform to provide operators with the technology and the tools to monetize their TV & entertainment services effectively.

And we integrate seamlessly with existing components in close collaboration with the teams and experts on the side of the operator. 

“Green Streams is really serious about providing a straight forward integration layer. That made it easy for our inhouse teams to leverage the Green Streams platform to develop our own frontend applications and our own, highly flexible OTT product."

Roman Reimann, Senior Director Wilmaa, Sunrise


Visit us at ANGACOM

Cologne, May 14th - 16th
Hall 7, MS6
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