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Green Streams and XroadMedia Team Up to Bring Enhanced Discovery to Operators’ TV Services

May 23, 2023

OTT SaaS Platform provider Green Streams and XroadMedia, a leading provider in personalization and content discovery, have joined forces to provide operators and pay TV providers with a superior experience for their TV and Entertainment subscribers.

To that goal, XroadMedia’s Ncanto solution is pre-integrated into Green Streams’ platform, providing innovative personalization to all end-users. This will help operators and service providers to launch their OTT platforms, quickly and efficiently and deliver enhanced bespoke viewing experiences to their viewers instantly.

The launch-ready offering generates accurate content personalization and utilizes user interactions and other business data to provide a better experience for search, targeted ads, upselling promotions and more. With XroadMedia’s knowledge of users, service providers can create a unique experience, including UI, advertisements and notifications based on viewers’ moods, time of day, location, as well as their interactions with content on the platform.

Green Streams’ robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) simplifies this process, enabling content providers to easily introduce outstanding streaming-based TV and entertainment products without great risk or upfront costs. To bolster the core of its platform, which was developed 100% in-house, Green Streams has integrated industry-leading third-party solutions, now including XroadMedia.

“For operators and their TV & Entertainment services, meta-aggregation and bundling is becoming more and more relevant: TV content meets VOD and premium 3rd party content such as. Netflix or Disney+. This meta-aggregation needs to be complemented and supported by sophisticated and highly personalized content discovery”, says Green Streams CEO Gernot Jaeger. “XroadMedia is able to provide this with outstanding quality and efficiency”.

“In a competitive environment, it’s imperative to roll out quickly to reduce costs and stay ahead of the market. Together with Green Streams, we’re creating viewing opportunities for users by personalizing searches, entire pages, notifications and upsells. By automatically generating homepages, including individual rows matching each user’s behavior and profiles, they can effortlessly discover more of the content they love. We’re ecstatic to be integrated with Green Streams and assist operators in minimizing the risk of churn for their consumers.” Adolf Proidl, Co-Founder and CEO, XroadMedia.

OTT service providers will benefit from pre-integrations, not only of XroadMedia but also other modules such as analytics or monitoring to allow TV & Entertainment operators a quick-to-market implementation, helping increase ROI and deliver strong KPIs. Green Streams and XroadMedia are already working on some exciting projects together.

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