How to gain a smart advantage
with an IPTV / OTT product
that stands out in the market, 

even if you are not a global tier 1.

Did you know that the vast majority of IPTV and OTT TV products consistently fail to deliver on their targets? This has been the case for years and it has been tolerated in many cases. 
But with the rising pressure on overall profitability and cost,
the grace period for failing TV products is over. 

If you are responsible for an IPTV / OTT product, platform or P&L, you are facing several massive challenges.


TV is mission critical

For a network operator selling 3-play and 4-play bundles, a great TV service is an absolute must-have. If your TV product is sub-par, your gross ads will flatten out, your churn rates will skyrocket and your market share will plummet. Not in the distant future, but very soon.

The heat is on

Never in history have there been such high customer expectations and such short innovation cycles. New devices, new streaming formats, new features and new security levels come up every few months. And your customers compare your TV service to the standards set by global OTT powerhouses like Netflix and Amazon.


The threat is real

If you are a national tier 1 or tier 2 network operator or a leading national OTT player, you need to stand up to current and upcoming challenges. The key lies in adopting a truly smart strategy that allows you to keep pace and stand out in your market. Otherwise, you will be doomed to fail and to disappoint both shareholders and other stakeholders.

Time is of the essence

There is no time for month-long RFPs and year-long development projects. Your customers will be gone long before your new TV product is ready—perhaps after two years of development. What’s worse, your product will already be outdated, and you will be back at square one.


What you need as a national tier 1 or tier 2 network operator, or a leading national OTT player, is a Best-In-Class TV product. 

For this, you need a TV product that consists of 100% Best-In-Class components, from video backend and middleware to applications and personalization. 

And you need all of this built into a true Platform-As-A-Service model with a short time to market and pricing that works for you.

The Green Streams platform does exactly this.



  • All-IP TV / OTT TV product

  • Live TV in SD / HD / Full HD / 4K

  • Catch-up TV, Live Pause

  • Network PVR 

  • Recommendations & Personalization


  • Android TV Operator Tier Set-Top Box 

  • Android, Samsung & LG Smart TVs

  • Apple TV, Fire TV, ROKU

  • iOS & Android (Phone / Tablet)

  • Browser-Based / Web Service


  • TV Headend

  • Video Backend

  • Content Delivery (CDN)

  • Live Data Cockpit

The platform of a new age

Green Streams is the world’s first IPTV & OTT platform that integrates and productizes 100% “Best-In-Breed” modules into a true End-To-End Platform-As-A-Service model. The mission of Green Streams is to help network operators and ambitious OTT players launch and operate truly outstanding TV & Entertainment products.


With this goal in mind, Green Streams has built an IPTV & OTT backend platform specifically for the integration with “Best-In-Breed” partners for key modules like live and on demand video encoding, meta data, frontend applications, personalization & recommendation as well as QoS & QoE analytics.


Green Streams operates the pre-integrated End-To-End IPTV & OTT service platform as a general contractor. This gives operators a highly flexible, yet highly cost effective turnkey product with short time to market.


This new Best-In-Class Platform-As-A-Service model has been designed to help operators reach their goals:


Built for operators and ambitious OTTs so that you find all the relevant use cases and features, which means you will be able to show an internal PoC within a week.


Pre-Integrated Best-In-Class modules, from backend all the way to the frontend applications, let you select what fits your needs best, which means you get a fully customized and tailored product right from the start.


Made for fast deployment so that you can launch within weeks, which means you can quickly stop churn and start winning new customers.


Support of HD, Full HD and 4K across all linear and non-linear use cases so that you are 100% future-proof across all elements of the product.


Flexible monetization options allow you to fully customize your product structure and upselling paths, which means you can perfectly monetize and drive the products and bundles that earn you the highest profits.


Full observability of all components on the platform so that you have total transparency, which means you will improve customer service quality and thus your NPS.

The track record speaks for itself

Gernot Jaeger and Ivo Stock have successfully launched 50+ IPTV and OTT products in 15+ countries. For the Green Streams platform, they have brought on board a global who’s-who of Best-In-Class vendors.



Co-Founder & CEO

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  • 20+ years in media, telecommunications and technology

  • Entrepreneur, C-level executive, advisor and board member

  • 10+ years of experience working with network operators and OTT executives and teams on TV propositions and products


  • Ex-BCG, Ex-Zattoo



Co-Founder & CTO

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  • 15+ years as engineering executive in the video streaming and broadcasting industry

  • Strong track record in TV-As-A-Service and SaaS around Media Asset-, Rights- and Metadata Management & Distribution

  • Vast experience working with CTOs and technical teams in the telco, media and OTT industries

  • Degree in Computer Science

  • Ex-Viacom, Ex-Zattoo


The time to act is now

The heat is on for network operators and OTT players with ambitious targets. 

Gain your smart advantage now

Face the threat and turn the challenge into an opportunity.

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