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Green Streams Empowers Sunrise and MySports to Launch World
Class OTT Sports Service for Switzerland

23. Feb. 2023

Green Streams announces that
the leading Swiss telecommunications provider Sunrise has launched its new MySports OTT
Premium Pay TV service based on the Green Streams backend platform.

The new MySports app provides subscribers with access to exclusive content such as the

Swiss Hockey National League, the North American National Hockey League (NHL) or the

FIA Formula E World Championship. The service is available on all major OTT device

platforms such as Android TV and Apple TV as well as Android and iOS mobile phones and

tablets and Web.

With the new app, all National League games are available live and via replay, as well as

numerous statistics and evaluations of the individual games and players, highlight clips and

much more. The app allows the fan to reliably receive the information that’s most relevant to

him so that he can always keep up with his favorite team. “Sunrise is striving to bring the

entire world of ice hockey to the Swiss public in a professional and entertaining way with

MySports.“ says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise.

The new OTT service is enabled by Green Streams’s Software-As-A-Service OTT backend

and middleware platform.

“Green Streams has been a great partner for our new premium OTT service from day one”,

says Matthias Krieb, Head of MySports. “In our vendor selection, we focused on getting

access to the latest technologies as well as 360 degree monitoring of the platform and

Green Streams has delivered just that.”

“We are extremely proud that Sunrise and the MySports team selected us in the first place

after a highly competitive RFP”, explains Gernot Jaeger, CEO and one of the co-founders of

Green Streams. “And we are even more proud to now see a really world class Premium

Sports OTT service in action and winning new customers so quickly.”

For the new MySports OTT service, Green Streams provides the backend platform including

the TV / video pipeline (live & non-live) as well as a dedicated API layer for Sunrise’s

inhouse frontend application development and a 360° monitoring and analytics solution. The

entire Green Streams service and platform can be managed and monitored by Sunrise in

real time and with a high degree of efficiency through Green Streams’ new Service Cockpit.

About Sunrise:

Sunrise is part of Liberty Global plc. As the second largest telecommunications company in

Switzerland, Sunrise is a leading provider of communications and entertainment. Sunrise

offers a wide range of broadband, TV, mobile and telephony services to both consumer and

business customers throughout Switzerland.

About Green Streams:

For Internet Service Providers and Pay TV Providers, Green Streams provides a modular

OTT backend and business logic management platform in a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

model. The Green Streams platform core is pre-integrated with “Best-Of-Breed” modules

from leading industry players, e.g. for monitoring, analytics or personalized

recommendations. This approach allows operators to both launch and even migrate their

existing TV & Entertainment products quickly, enabling them to achieve highly ambitious

business goals.

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